Encouragers (In-School Tutoring)

STEP Encourager Program Overview


The purpose of the Encourager program is for “Encouragers” to develop a one-to-one, adult to student role modeling relationships … to be an adult friend who cares. Through this special relationship, the students will be motivated by their Encourager to succeed.  Program results consistently show improvement in attitude, self-confidence, behavior and (although not academically driven) academics.  

How It Works

Each Encourager is trained to understand the socio-economic dynamics of our society and to be a non-judgmental friend who cares and who looks to build on positives.

Teachers select students in need and identify an area(s) of focus.

From October through April (except December) Encouragers go to their selected school on the designated day and time.  With the guidance of a Facilitator, these Encouragers spend thirty minutes with each child, working with teacher-provided classroom materials.

The philosophy behind this program is simply that a one-to-one relationship with a caring adult can and will make a positive difference in the life of an at-risk child.  

Characteristics of an Encourager

An Encourager is someone who …

  • Is capable of loving and caring about a child.
  • Has a well-grounded Christian value system.
  • Can accept a child for who they are.
  • Values children.
  • Values education.
  • Is willing to walk out of their comfort zone into the life of a child in need.
  • Will diligently hold to a modest commitment of time.

Recent (2015-2016) Results

  • 3 Districts … 20 Schools
  • 280+ Encouragers … 575+ Students
  • Teacher Acceptance Rating 100%
  • Student Benefit Rating 94-98%

For more information, contact the Encourager Coordinator, Joe Murawski at murawski1@sbcglobal.net




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