Our Mission:

To equip people in the name of Christ to serve inner-city children through intentional relationships

Our Vision:

For believers to serve Jesus Christ by investing their lives in children living in poverty in Central Arkansas. These believers will grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they engage in the lives of children. The children will be influenced by their mentors to strengthen their faith, establish traditional family values, and create hope for the future living a life that honors God.

Why We Are Unique!

STEP Volunteers are saying:

It was a real delight to see the children grow in the Lord. I rarely drove home after STEP when I wasn’t filled with hope for these kids.

One of life’s pleasures is watching a child’s eyes light up when learning a new concept or skill. STEP Ministries enables me to see this happen on a continual basis, along with the thrill of seeing a child learn to walk with the Lord and find a new life. What a privilege.

Through the STEP Ministries, God has blessed me beyond anything I ever imagined. He has given me two precious brothers who love Jesus. It has been a privilege to watch them grow and mature in the Lord over the years. We will be close friends for the rest of our lives and throughout eternity.

I came to be a blessing to a child and through my relationship, I found I was a being blessed.

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