Our Mission:
To equip people in the name of Christ to serve inner-city children through intentional relationships.

Our Vision:
Believers serve Jesus Christ by investing their lives in children living in poverty in Central Arkansas. These believers will grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they engage in the lives of children. The children will be influenced by their mentors to strengthen their faith, establish traditional family values, and live a life of hope in Christ alone that honors God.
Mark your calendars! 2016 Christmas Toy Store will be on December 10th! See you there!!




Fall Programs



We are seeking volunteers for our upcoming programs!

Mentoring: Fall club sessions start Sept. 12th. at 6pm-7:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesdays club meeting are at 5pm-6:30pm. Contact Rob Smith or Phyllis Harvey.

Encouragers: In school program starts Oct. 3rd. Contact Joe Murawski.

STEP Tutoring Program: After school program starts Oct. 3rd from 4pm-5pm. Contact Juli Atkinson