One-on-one Mentoring and Tutoring of Youth in Central Arkansas

“Therefore go and make disciples…teaching them everything I have commanded you…”
Matthew 28:18-19

Step In, Step Up, Step Out!

With a vibrant team of volunteers, STEP Ministries mentors, tutors, and encourages under-resourced youth in the Little Rock and North Little Rock communities. 

Changing, healing, and empowering

Changing the Heart of the City through the Hope of the Gospel

The mid-’80s was a deeply troubling time for Little Rock and North Little Rock. Crime erupted throughout these communities as escalating gang violence dominated the news.

The murder rate—particularly among young men—skyrocketed while fear kept a paralyzing grip on the soul of the cities.

Making a Difference

real legacy

Since its inception in 1986, STEP Ministries has invested in thousands of under-resourced youth through mentoring and tutoring. Now there is a third generation of children in the STEP program.

real healing

The crime rate has decreased dramatically in the neighborhood surrounding the STEP Outreach Center since STEP’s inception.


real success

While North Little Rock High School has an overall graduation rate of 77 percent, 93 percent of young people involved in STEP graduate from high school.


real commitment

Our partner churches have been focusing and mobilizing their congregations to serve the children and families through the in-school Encourager program and neighborhood mentoring center model consistently for decades.

God is making an undeniable difference in this community through STEP Ministries!

God is still writing our story…

Here’s how you can be a part of it!


Mentors meet weekly at the STEP Outreach Center and provide a one-on-one, loving and consistent presence for under-resourced youth and serve as a positive spiritual influence through Bible study and activities facilitated by staff.


Encouragers represent church-school partnerships. They meet weekly and read and provide social and emotional support one-on-one with a student in the school during the school year.


Tutors meet once of twice a week at the STEP NLR Outreach Center and provide a one-on-one, loving and consistent presence for academically-struggling youth, helping students with reading and math facilitated by staff.

you can change the heart of the city

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Your generous donation will support God’s work through STEP Ministries as we provide love and resources to children who need them.

one-on-one relationships

Meet Our Mentors

Anthony Valley

STEP Mentor since 2014

Anthony has connected deeply with his mentee and his mentee’s family as they have navigated life’s ups and downs together. 

Melissa Smith

STEP Mentor since 2019

Melissa loves mentoring because of how rewarding it is to serve and love one another. 

Heath Land

STEP Mentor since 2017

Heath believes mentoring is an important part of following Christ’s example to make disciples.

Jeff Rooker

STEP Mentor since 2008

Jeff has a vision for instilling Christ into the next generation, and mentoring through STEP is the perfect way to do it through one-on-one discipleship.

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STEP In Action

Throughout the school year and during the summer, STEP staff and volunteers are busy mentoring, tutoring, and encouraging young people in our local communities.

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