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Boone Park Elementary Encourager Program Wins Award

February 28, 2023

The in-school STEP Encourager program represented church-school partnerships in which volunteers go to the school for one hour a week and meet with 2 students, one on one for 30 minutes each, and help with reading, math, and serve as another caring adult. STEP has helped to mobilize Encourager programs in schools in North Little Rock, Little Rock, and the Pulaski County school districts.

The STEP Boone Park Elementary Encourager Program represents a church-school partnership between Pleasant Valley Church of Christ and the school. In February, the program received a North Little Rock School District-wide award, the “Great Rising Mentoring Adult-Youth Mentoring Award” in January!

The Boone Park Encourager Program Facilitator, Bettye Hitchcock, shared this:

“God is certainly working in our encourager programs again this school year. My student, C., is on the playground when I arrive. She knows my car and starts talking to me as I am getting out. It’s so far away that I can’t hear her, but I know she is happy to see me. She always wants a hug when we get inside. She & B., my other student, do get in trouble, so we spend a lot of time talking about being kind, obeying, etc. We made reindeer string necklaces for all their class before the holidays. C. reminded me today to do it again, so we will for Valentine’s Day.”

Thank you for your support of STEP so that we can grow and deepen the in-school Encourager programs throughout our community! Can you imagine the difference it will make when EVERY elementary school in our community has a church-school partnership Encourager program? Each one providing one-on-one encouragement and academic support to struggling children? Please pray with us that He will make it so!

Ready to get involved?

Will YOU join the story of a child’s life? Are you willing to give a bit of your time and love to a child who desperately needs it? If God is calling you to say yes, contact us!


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