Desires of the Heart

May 5, 2022

Melissa’s Story

My mentee and I were driving to Pinnacle Mountain for the end of year faithfulness award, and she noticed horses in pastures along the side of the road. She asked if we could stop and pet one. My response was that we really couldn’t just stop and pet someone’s horses without permission. She was disappointed and she continued to ask each time she saw them. When we arrived at Pinnacle, I was unable to find a parking spot. I decided to drive to the other side of the parking area to see what was available. I had to make a U-turn near a barn. There was a woman outside brushing her horse! I got out and I asked if my friend and I could possibly pet her horse. The woman said sure! My mentee was so excited. We found out the horse’s name was Peaches and was a foster horse! She had been abused and this woman was taking care of her. My mentee enjoyed spending time with Peaches! This was a wonderful opportunity to talk about God’s love for us and how he wishes to fulfill our heart’s desires! It was a fantastic day for both of us!

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Will YOU join the story of a child’s life? Are you willing to give a bit of your time and love to a child who desperately needs it? If God is calling you to say yes, contact us!


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