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STEP Summer Literacy Camp 2023 Combined Reading, Praiseworthy Character, and the Beatitudes

August 1, 2023

STEP just finished our two-week Summer Literacy Camp led by Juli Atkinson, STEP Literacy and Tutoring Coordinator, that provided 15 children with one-on-one reading help, while also teaching them about the Beatitudes and how to live them out practically in their everyday lives! And, they get to create beautiful crafts that tie in with the messaging. Breakfast and lunch are provided each day. The kids LOVE coming! And each child is matched with a tutor who is solely focused on them and their specific learning needs. It is a truly beautiful two weeks!

One of our favorite parts is the last day celebration – when each tutor and student pair sit in front of the group and the tutor praises the student for their hard work and the unique things they noticed that were praiseworthy about that child followed by applause from all. They are each given a “goodie bag” with books, workbooks, fun things, and a certificate made by Ms. Juli, with pizza and a special cake with ALL of their names on it! 

Also this month, we are gearing up for after school tutoring and mentoring – so please pray for additional mentors to step forward for the waiting children, as well as after-school tutors. We had a robust summer program, but the needs continue, so we ask for your prayer that more will come forward!

If you are interested in finding out more about serving through after-school tutoring, please click the “How to Get Involved” link on our website!

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