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Unexpected Visitors

May 16, 2022

Recently, there were loud knocks on the STEP gym door. Two alumni of STEP who are now in their 20’s – siblings, Aaron and Abriannia – wanted to come by to say hello and express to Mr. Rob and Ms. Nikita how much STEP meant to them. 

Aaron went into the military following high school and has grown in confidence and skill. He said, “I can’t put into words how much it meant to have a mentor who was there to listen and be non-judgmental. I don’t know where I would have ended up without STEP.”  

Abrianna has a full-time job and has her own apartment. She talked about how much she missed the support and discipleship that STEP provided, and began to cry. Her tears conveyed what her words couldn’t – STEP had made an impact on her beyond explanation. In fact, she talked about the spiritual change it caused, “You know, I had gone to church as a child, but I didn’t really understand anything about what it meant to have a real relationship with God until I came to STEP…It’s hard living on my own, but I feel that I have what it takes to make it because I still have a relationship with God.” 

We are working and planning so that MORE children can come to know Christ and be discipled! Please join with us in prayer that God will provide what is needed to make that happen. We know He will. Where God guides, He provides.

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Will YOU join the story of a child’s life? Are you willing to give a bit of your time and love to a child who desperately needs it? If God is calling you to say yes, contact us!


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